• Walker Bay Nature Reserve
    Nearby Walker Bay Nature Reserve

Covid Friendly Activities

We are the perfect destination to enjoy a safe healthy outdoor holiday. Far away from crowds and shared spaces. Come and enjoy a range of outdoor activities in safety and with peace of mind.
We can arrange the following activities for you with our partners:

1. Hike along the rugged cliff path towards open caves in Walker Bay Nature Reserve (1km away)
2. Do fat bike tours on the dunes of Walker Bay Nature Reserve (1 km away) .
3. Take a 2.5 hour marine safari with Ivanhoe Sea Safari's departing from Gansbaai harbour (4 km away).
4. Do horse riding in a nature reserve amongst zebra and antelope (15 km away)
5. Do horse riding on the beach at Pearly Beach.
6. Take a 2 hour river boat cruise down the Klein River in Stanford (18 km away). Swimming in the river is included.